Everyone Needs a Trainer… Get yours.

In the ever-evolving world of automation, particularly in biotech and pharma manufacturing, hands-on experience and continuous learning are invaluable. To meet this need, we present the PLC Trainer Kit — an ideal addition to any company’s automation department.
Inside the Kit:
 – A CompactLogix PLC, a cornerstone in industrial control.
 – An industrial PC, adept at running up to three virtual machines. This allows for exploration of various operational scenarios, enriching one’s expertise.
 – An industrial switch, replicating a genuine plant-floor network setup.
Whether you’re an up-and-coming professional or a seasoned expert, this kit provides a perfect platform for practice, exploration, and growth.
If your company requires specialized adjustments, our senior engineers at Lucid are ready to customize the kit to fit your unique needs.
By integrating this kit into your automation department, not only do you get a dedicated training tool, but you also receive the support and expertise of Lucid’s seasoned professionals. Together, let’s ensure that continuous learning remains at the forefront of our industry.