When to Add Field Panel UPS

Critical instrumentation and data collection interfaces require clean, stable power. There are some design considerations for adding a panel mounted UPS to achieve the uptime.

First is to determine voltage service and the load to bridge outages. There are both 110VAC and 24VDC options available but limiting the number of voltage conversions will increase the UPS efficiency and help control the heat generated at each device. DIN space is a consideration as most solutions require both a UPS controller and storage batteries.

One overlooked consideration is planned maintenance. The batteries have a limited life. Checking and replacing the batteries in the remote field panels are often overlooked.

Adding monitoring to the UPS is critical. Modern units allow for monitoring of line loss, battery health, and power monitoring. Integrating these into the control system for alarming and notification are needed to ensure the UPS is providing the protection you expect.

Let us know if you’d like a review of your power requirements.