S88 Batch Considerations

When designing a set of S88 Batch phases, consider the intended use of the equipment. Expectations for a Process Development line are quite different than a Commercial Manufacturing line (your process engineer usually wants both). While not mutually exclusive, there is a spectrum between flexibility of many small phases and simplicity of one monolithic phase.

The challenge is to find the balance between equipment phases small enough to be placed in any order and keep the smooth/deterministic transition between phases. Exposure of key process parameters and alarm limits PD wants trades off with commercial efficiency.

As early in a project as possible, get input of all of the stakeholders involved in the equipment lifecycle from PD to Commercial. Prioritize current equipment needs and flexibility at the equipment phase level.

When the process graduates to a commercial process, quality impacting parameters can be hard coded at the Unit Procedure. This simplifies the Procedure Recipe by deferring up only what you need specific for a batch.

This is difficult to bolt on after implementation. Ask us how we may held define your equipment phases and work with your vendor to provide the best solution for your site.