Wire Label

There is one optimal way to label a wire: length-wise, tight to insulation, and near point of termination. Yet in the field, we still get “Flaggie-Style” labels stuffed in wire trays… why?

The flags in this picture were on a P-Touch Labeler while the others were on a Brady Wire labeler. Having the correct tool is the first step. The correct effort to label the wires were made, but there was a choice to hide the flags.

Regardless of if the application is control wiring or network patch terminations, we all agree wires should be labeled according to the drawings. Its a sign of a professional install and respect for the “next person” to support the system.

That next person is likely your future-self, 6 to 8 months out trying to remember what your past-self did. Spend the extra 10 seconds to help yourself out.

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