Lucid Supports “Girls In STEM” at UC Davis

Big shout out to Marie and Haruka for participating in the STEM For Girls  event at University of California, Davis. This wonderful event encourages 10 – 12 year old scholars from our associated schools in Woodland and Sacramento regions to delve into the enriching world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at the University of California, Davis.
It couldn’t have been done without the passion and coordination from Cassy Gardner, MBA and Dr. Tina Jeoh. Working alongside dedicated individuals like Arushi Chawla, Jade, and Corby – all of whom are relatable and accessible STEM role models – they are steadily nurturing the confidence in these young minds to actively engage in STEM disciplines.
Stickers were a little late, so now a preview for next year…

It’s a great program and venue. We’re all looking forward to seeing this program to continue to grow!

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